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All of our programs are taught by highly accredited instructors with real life experience working in volatile atmospheres both foreign and domestic. From active law enforcement officers, firefighters/EMT’s, and military personnel, as a company we have a combined 50+ years of professional street experience. When you look for training in the defense industry, it is critical that you get training from an industry professional that has credibility and first hand experience in the subject matter being taught. At Combative Weapon Solutions, we take pride in our cadre of instructors as they are some of the best in the industry when it comes to personal protection for civilian, law enforcement, and military training. Come see why Combative Weapon Solutions is the leader for reality based training.

Private 1 on 1 Training:

Prone carbine shooting practice

All private one on one classes are geared for individual attention and efficiency to learning specific weapon platforms. Your private training is catered to your specific wants and needs regarding your specific weapon platform of interest. From basic fundamentals to advanced methods, your instructor will offer individualized attention in order to facilitate an easy and relaxed learning environment. Private one on one tuition includes range fee’s and lunch. Firearms, ammo, and gear are also available for an additional cost. One on One classes are kept at a maximum of 5 individuals in which multiple instructors will be present. Groups of 6 or more will need to contact CWS for scheduling a private event in which pricing is on a case by case basis dependent on the clients needs and wants. Email us today to schedule your private training.

Full Day (8 hrs): $600 (First person) $350 (each additional)

Half Day Day (4 hrs): $400 (First person) $200 (each additional)

Training programs:

Armed Response to an Active Shooter Event:

Armed Response to an Active Shooter Event

Do you truly know what to do in an actual active shooter event? Most people THINK they do, but the reality is actually the opposite. This class is geared for the legally armed citizen who carries a firearm on a daily basis. Simply having your License to Carry  does not prepare you for the fight of your life where lethal force is your only option. This class dives into the bio mechanical, physiological, and psychological aspects of defending yourself or others with a firearm in an active shooter event. From the legal aspects of consideration to dealing with the dynamic environment that encompasses the violence of such an event, this class will be a FULL DAY of force on force/SIM training. Each attendee will have the opportunity to experience over 30 live evolution’s from multiple perspectives covering a multitude of probable life like scenarios. At the end of the day, each student will also receive physiological feedback regarding their performance related to the stress induced scenarios as well. This is as real as it gets folks! Students will have an honest assessment of their true fundamental skill sets and have a complete understanding of the complexity involved with responding to an active shooter event. Simply put, you do not want to miss this training event! Class tuition includes the use of safety equipment, simunition weapons, and simunition ammo that will be used for the class.

Class details, topics, and inventory list can be found in the “Shop” under each specific class.

Prerequisite: Pistol 1 or equivalent from a credible instructor preferred/recommended, but not required.

Class Tuition: $350

 Defensive Vehicle Concepts:


Class details, topics, and inventory list can be found in the “Shop” under each specific class.

Prerequisite: Pistol 1 or equivalent from a credible instructor required, no exceptions.

Class Tuition: $500

 Low Light – Night Time 1/Home Defense Concepts:


Low Light/Night Time: One can not predict when bad things happen, so the probability of finding yourself in a situation that needs to be addressed at night with or without the use of force is pretty high. But rarely are there opportunities to get that practice and training in that environment until now. Having worked the streets and hostile environments, we understand the importance of regular low light and night time training. The dynamics of a dark environment adds additional problems which are not encountered in normal daylight or lighting. The environment in which the light source will be used in, the type of light (hand held or weapon mounted), different techniques, as well as a breakdown of ones shooting fundamentals while employing such devices all adds to the complexity of low light/night time tactics and skill applications. This is where learning how to properly employ such devices and gaining experience in low light environments can make the difference of effectively taking care of a problem or becoming a liability.

Class details, topics, and inventory list can be found in the “Shop” under each specific class.

Prerequisite: Pistol 1 or equivalent from a credible instructor at a minimum highly recommended.

Class Tuition: $350



Home Defense: How many people keep a firearm in the home for personal protection? More importantly, how many that keep a firearm for protection know how to efficiently and properly use it when it is 2AM and you hear glass breaking in your living room? Truly being prepared is more than simply having a firearm safely and securely stored away in the home. There are legal aspects, response plans/tactics, and proper fundamental firearms training that is congruent to home defense that is needed in order to not be a liability to yourself or your family. Do you have children which would require you to leave the safety of your room and enter the unknown or are you by yourself which dictates a different response plan? There is so much that goes into home defense in order to have a positive outcome that simply having a firearm is not enough.

Class details, topics, and inventory list can be found in the “Shop” under each specific class.

Prerequisite: Pistol 1 or equivalent from a credible instructor at a minimum highly recommended.

Class Tuition: $350

Low Light – Night Time 2

Low Light – Night Time 2:  Taking off where Low Light – Night Time 1 left off,  this class dives deeper into advanced tactics and self defense applications in low light to dark environments. Curriculum addresses additional enclosed spaces, 1, 2, and 3 person team tactics, door breaching, inside/outside vehicle environments, outside public venues, and force on force/SIM’s integration with stress induced scenarios. The syllabus is built around realistic dark environments, that we as civilians, would potentially have to deal with in a real life situation such as home defense, large open atmospheres, and tight enclosed spaces such as vehicles. Low Light 1 curriculum and shooting fundamentals will be thoroughly tested and applied. This will be held as a 2 day/night class, BUT can be taken in separate individual one day increments.

Class details, topics, and inventory list can be found in the “Shop” under each specific class.

Prerequisite: CWS Low Light Night Time 1 required.

Immediate Trauma Response 1:

chest wound

Currently being an active firefighter/EMT for 21+ years, I have had a vast amount of experience dealing with critical lifesaving incidents. From medical emergencies to day to day violence and trauma. Time is of the essence and proper treatment can mean the difference between life or death for a patient. Most injuries are not immediately life-threatening.

However, there are some injuries where death is almost assured if not managed correctly and rapidly prior to the arrival of EMS or professional help. Whether an injury occurs to you, a loved one, client, team mate, or ordinary citizen, recognition and concise management of the injuries becomes critical.

This course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and manage immediate life-threatening injuries, whether they occur to you or another individual. * The 1 day CCC classes do not have any type of firearms training. It is simply classroom and hands on training with medical kits and scenario training. The 2 day classes all incorporate firearms manipulation, live range time, and possible simunition training*

Class details, topics, and inventory list can be found in the “Shop” under each specific class.

Prerequisite: Pistol 1 or equivalent from a credible instructor at a minimum is required for 2 day of class.

Class Tuition Day 1: $200

Class Tuition Day 2: $350

Immediate Trauma Response 2:

2014-06-08 15.36.43

Privately Scheduled Class Only

ITR 2 consists primarily of a full day of skills and scenario evolution’s based around traumatic incidences to every day occurrences such as vehicle accidents and medical emergencies. There is some additional discussion based learning that takes off from where ITR 1 left off which focuses more on medical and environmental emergencies that brings the entire sphere of pre-hospital emergency response into one cohesive package.   The classroom portion also includes hands on skill sessions with additional equipment not covered in ITR 1. Half of the day will be live scenario immersion where students have the opportunity to participate in multiple evolution’s and scenarios for the remainder of the day. For those that wanted to experience extra hands on repetitions and life like reality based training, this is it! ITR 2 are normally privately or special event classes. Please email us if you or a group are interested in additional trauma and medical training related to the real world. Additional topics covered: trauma, medical emergencies (diabetics, stroke, allergic reactions/anaphylactic shock), broken bones, splinting, C-spine immobilization, environmental emergencies, and more.

Prerequisite: CWS ITR 1

Class Tuition: $350

Women’s Handgun 101 Concepts:

At Combative Weapon Solutions, we specialize in firearms training for women. From first time to experienced shooters, we teach reality based methods that are simplistic and effective under high stress situations.

For beginners, we start with nomenclature and progress on to the fundamentals such as stance, grip, trigger control, sight picture, use/non-use of sights, recoil management, and follow through. As one’s competency and proficiency increases, we move onto more advanced shooting methods.

At each level of training, we will always incorporate the physical, psychological, and bio mechanical aspects of what the body will do when under stress. This is a critical step in your training and should be replicated in any training that involves defensive firearms methods. You will walk away a more efficient and consistent shooter when under stress. Most women that we train progress quickly with this program and are amazed at their level of comfort and accuracy after one day of training.

Class details, topics, and inventory list can be found in the “Shop” under each specific class.

Prerequisite:  None

Class Tuition: $125


Weapon Manipulation Classes (Handgun 1/2, Carbine 1/2, Shotgun 101, AK 101):


Whether you are a new shooter or an experienced pro, fundamentals are crucial to being able to safely operate a firearm efficiently and accurately. Learning to operate a firearm should begin with proper fundamentals that incorporates proper body mechanics, sight picture, and trigger mechanics. It is a building block process where each fundamental coincides and builds upon one another. The fundamentals process should also integrate the bodies natural and intuitive reaction to stress so as to simplify the manipulation process, increase accuracy, and improve efficiency. After fundamentals are ingrained, skills such as addressing malfunctions, unorthodox shooting positions, movement, and problem solving should be addressed while applying those fundamental skills sets. By doing so, it demonstrates a shooters strengths and allows for a methodical evaluation for any weaknesses that need to be addressed. Shooting is a perishable skill set and bad habits can and do crop up. Attending a fundamentals 1 and 2 class on an annual basis is always recommended in order to evaluate and improve ones core shooting fundamentals. After all, advanced classes are simply advanced and high stress applications, of you guessed it….. fundamentals. Our manipulation classes in any of the various weapon platforms, addresses all of the specifics mentioned above in order to take new shooters or experienced ones, to a new level of proficiency and competency regarding the use of their firearm.

The Defensive Pistol 1 class takes students through the basic core fundamentals of moving/manipulating a firearm on a beginner level to advanced firearm manipulations and problem solving by the end of the day. Each class incorporates a “building block” process of Simplicity, Efficiency, & Consistency which simplifies the mental and physical aspects of using a firearm while under stress. This is a great class for those wanting to learn the fundamentals of using a firearm for personal defense to seasoned law enforcement personnel that want/need the additional skill sets to keep them safe. A must attend class if you plan on attending other advanced pistol classes or if you legally carry a firearm on a daily basis.


Prerequisite: None


Topics covered:

  • Proper winning mindset
  • Medical 101
  • Fundamental “Shooting Foundation”
  • Reload methods
  • Proper holster draw fundamentals
  • Speed vs. Precision shooting
  • Long distance shooting
  • Introduction to movement and shooting
  • Related legal topics & discussion
  • Target discrimination shoot/no shoot situations
  • Reality based, stress induced scenarios


Items needed for class:

  • Semi-auto handgun (If you are a CHL carrier, bring your every day carry gear)
  • Gun and Magazine holster
  • 3 weapon magazines each minimum
  • 500 rounds of ammunition
  • Ear/Eye Pro
  • Hat
  • Dress accordingly as this is an outside range
  • Notepad & Pen
  • Open mind and positive attitude
  • Snack/meal/hydration (Bring a sack lunch as we will work through all day)

The Defensive Pistol 2 takes students through the advanced fundamental applications of moving/manipulating a firearm on a beginner level to advanced firearm manipulations and problem solving within the context of probable situations that we may face as law abiding citizens that can legally carry.


Topics covered:

  • Fundamentals review
  • Proper “winning” mindset
  • Medical 101
  • Malfunctions
  • Unorthodox shooting positions
  • Single hand pistol malfunctions
  • Close in pistol defense
  • Movement & shooting
  • Shooting around obstacles/barricades
  • Cover vs concealment
  • Situational problem solving under stress
  • Reality based, stress induced scenarios
  • Target discrimination shoot/no shoot situations


Items needed for class:

  • Semi-Auto Pistol .9mm-.45auto
  • 500 rounds of ammunition
  • Pistol Holster
  • Minimum 2 Magazines, 3 preferable
  • Magazine Holster
  • Eye & Ear Protection
  • Hat and comfortable clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Notepad & pen
  • An open mind & positive attitude
  • Hydration, snacks, and sack lunch


Fundamental Precision Carbine:


Prerequisite: None

Class Tuition: $250

Corporate Events:

Combative Weapon Solutions offers private corporate events for small or large groups and from single to multiple day events. We can custom build a package to meet your specific needs or you can pick from our pre-planned event options. We offer full service options such as fully catered meals, hotel accommodation arrangements, full assortment of weapon platforms, and all ammunition. Everyone simply shows up to have fun and we take care of the rest! From motivational speaking, simple fun range days, aerial helicopter shooting, to custom hog hunts, we have something to meet any budget and need. Email or call us for more information and package options.


Specialty Courses:


Combative Weapon Solutions offers specialty courses in specific arenas or can custom tailor classes on a case by case basis. These classes are geared towards law enforcement agencies, military, and the corporate arena.

Specialty training programs are going to be geared for specific applications or agencies. Email or call for additional information or to set up training.


Sight Assessment & Faculty Education Program (S.A.F.E.):


Combative Weapon Solutions offers security evaluations for corporate entities, education facilities (Pre-School – College), and small businesses. Every environment and threat potential is different, so generic blanket responses to a true threat could cost the lives of innocent people instead of saving them. We will physically evaluate property and give specific recommendations and options as to what improvements could be implemented. Next, we will educate personnel/staff in effective and simplistic plans of action that are congruent to potential threats related to that environment.

Combative Weapon Solutions works with learning institutions in educating faculty and staff about the realities of potential school violence. Our S.A.F.E. program is specifically designed for campus staff, instead of relying on the outdated strategy of “Hide and Hope”. The abundance of children and students bring additional complications inherent to dealing with violence on a school campus. In situations like this, seconds equals lives saved. Law enforcement response may be minutes away, so it is up to school faculty and staff to have a realistic plan in place until help arrives! Therefor, our program addresses topics such as:

  • Statistics and overview of school attacks/violence
  • Accountability of protecting the student population
  • Escape & evasion while dealing with children/students
  • Barricade options
  • Fight (Last Resort)
  • Improvised & unarmed defense options
  • Empowering others to act
  • Education in basic life saving medical skills related to school violence

Children’s Firearm Safety Program:


Combative Weapon Solutions takes firearm prevention and accidents seriously. Most firearm accidents involving children are the result of firearms not being properly locked and stored safely. Together with the NRA, we teach basic firearm safety to children of all ages. Children are naturally curious, so we go to great lengths in simplifying life saving lessons for keeping children away from unattended firearms. Our program is geared for children of all ages and will benefit adults as well with the added benefit of covering options for safely storing firearms within the home. Firearm safety is a lifelong endeavor and we believe in building that proper foundation starts when children are young. We offer safety classes on a private and public basis. Contact us to discuss class options and availability.