The reality of a REAL gunfight

ft hood trial pic

So you think that just because you took a CHL/NRA pistol class or that you grew up shooting it somehow makes you ready for the real deal? Well I have news for ya, if you believe that, then you are simply lying to yourself. The hard truth of the matter is that in a real life or death situation, things out of our control can and often do happen. The real deal is not “sugar plum toppings and unicorns”. Rather, people die. If you do not train on a regular basis and with a degree of realism, then you are a potential liability to yourself and the others around you. Here is an article from the Ft. Hood shooting and covers the events that took place with one of the responding first responders. Remember, the first responders initially on scene are “trained” professionals and yet due to pure luck, she survived the encounter. If you carry a firearm as a law abiding civilian or professionally, do not become complacent in your training or skill sets and be sure your training is conducive to the realities of a real gun fight.

Below is a statement from a previous student that attended our Active Shooter Response class. After reading the article in the link, he had a moment of clarity in to which everything that was taught at our class was brought into perspective. The situation may change, but many fundamental aspects of how to handle a situation are the same.

“Greetings Y’all, just wanted to pass this along. So much of what I went through in the recent Civilian Active Shooter Class I took with y’all earlier this summer keeps coming back when I read articles like this, ESPECIALLY clearing malfunctions and reloading under dynamic stress on the move.”

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