Combative Weapon Solutions Force on Force/SIM’s training for the civilian.

We at Combative Weapon Solutions believe in reality based training so students can fully assess what they have learned and put it to test under stress induced scenarios. This does two things. First it allows the student to experience the bodies normal response to stress such as tunnel vision, adrenaline dump, mental processing, and the breakdown of fundamental skill sets to just name a few. The application of simunitions (specific training bullet that is shot out of a real gun that has been modified to not accept real ammunition) that allows instructors to shoot back in scenarios which allows a painful stimulus when mistakes are made. It is as close to the real deal as possible, yet while maintaining a high level of safety. Once done, the student has an honest assessment of where they stand knowledge and skill set wise. This in turn allows reflection as to where improvements have taken place over the course of the class and where additional learning or practice needs to be done. This has been a long and expensive process to implement into our training curriculum, but we at CWS fully embrace and understand the realities that come with responsibly having to use a firearm as a last resort. If you truly want to understand the complexities and reality of dealing with confronting a worst case scenario where lives depend on your actions, come see first hand why Combative Weapon Solutions is the leader in reality based training. With a cadre of highly experienced teachers with over 50+ years of real life street/combat experience, you are not just getting training from one individual, but rather a company of professionals that believe in teaching the best possible skill sets so the best choices can be made when confronted with a life or death situation.

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